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The key to a quality reproduction begins with a superior image. Our Better light scanning backs help provide this, capturing fine details and textures while maintaining true and accurate color.



Image Quest captures three-dimensional objects, such as glass, jewelry and sculpture with ease. Also, at IQ we've got you covered no matter what the size....6'x8' – no problem.



We also offer high and low res negative, slide and transparency scanning. Whether it's for reproduction, presentation or web use IQ has all your scanning needs covered.



We at Image Quest pride ourself in the images we create and curate. Below are some of the favorites we've touched over the years.


Allan Chow

Stan Metzger

Phil Schmidt

Stan Metzger Gallery

As an artist, it is vital for me to capture, maintain and manage precise digital images of my original paintings.  Image Quest has top quality scanning equipment and a staff dedicated to producing the finest possible detailed scans.  As professionals, they take great care to insure that the colors are completely accurate and reflect exact replicas of the originals.   Image Quest has been a perfect partner for me in my art career and they have earned my highest  recommendations for their services.


Fine Artist

My paintings are rich in texture and sometimes subtle in color which makes archiving very challenging. My biggest challenge for many years have been finding someone who is able document my paintings as accurately as possible without compromising the integrity of my artwork until I found Image Quest. They are not only great at what they do but very pleasant and personable to work with and most importantly, they care about your work as if they were their own.

I am always so impressed with the quality of the giclee prints I get from Image Quest. They are so meticulous in proofing the scans to my original artwork, were it not for the clean edges on the reproductions, there are times I would not be able to tell which is the original and which is the print. And because they always keep the approved proof on file, I am always confident that subsequent orders for prints will be just as true as my first prints, saving me time and money when I get additional orders for my artwork.

Phil Schmidt Watercolors


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Image Quest offers competitive and fair pricing in a variety of services which can be tailored to your businesses needs.   Archiving and Photography services are bid on a per project basis.  Click HERE for a full list of artists scanning and printing services.